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It is unbelievable how Innovative Administrative Services has come in and made us feel part of a family with helping us with Human Resource issues. It feels like we are part of and have access to benefits of a Fortune 500 Company.

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Business Owner, Sports Merchandise

Innovative Administrative Service’s Human Resource department is one of the best that we have experienced. We have dealt with PEO’s for several years and no other PEO has given us the type of service as IAS in keeping us updated with labor laws and in compliance. Their HR department has helped us tremendously with Worker’s Comp claims and in unemployment claims.

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Human Resource Director, Hospital Industry

We have complete confidence in Innovative Administrative Services payroll department. They have been mistake free and one of the most important things is the availability they have to always speak with either our employees or management team on a moment notice. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate us in every aspect of our business. Simple said they are FANTASTIC.

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Payroll, Cabinet Business

The most amazing aspect about Innovative Administrative Services is that I can contact their CEO at any time that I need. He is hands on in every aspect of the business. As a business owner myself it is refreshing and exciting to see a CEO of a company out in the field speaking with other business owners. He takes a sincere interest in our company in actually strategizing on how to help us save money and making us feel like we are the most important client they have. Innovative Administrative Services is a different kind of company that is a pleasure to be part of.

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Business Owner, Investments

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